Walking with God has never been about empty religion – keeping a list of rules and trying to be good enough. We can never be good enough. That’s why relationship with God is a free gift! Just simply walk with Him day-by-day. Talk to Him. Get to know Him. He will set you free.

Baptism is an important part of following Jesus. We don’t get baptized to get a relationship with Jesus. No! We get baptized because we ALREADY have a relationship with Jesus! Baptism is our public confession that we have chosen to follow Him.

The teachings and commands of Jesus are good and right. They are not heavy burdens like the rules we create. A person who hears Jesus’ words and puts them into action is very wise, and this is how we show God that we love Him – we obey His teaching.

Communication is important in any relationship, and it is certainly important in your relationship with God. Talk to Him everyday. This is all prayer is – talking to God! He is near to those who call out to Him. He loves to hear from you!