Dear brother Bob may not look like a normal pastor, but he is a precious follower of Jesus. In this video, he discusses why God even bothers loving us… because we can be such a mess! But God does! For God so loved…!

This is a question that all followers of Jesus have from time-to-time. What does God think about me? Is He angry? Frustrated? Does He care? In this video, Pastor Bob does a good job answering this question.

Don’t be weighed down by your past! It’s time to press on towards new things in Jesus! God does not hold your past against you, and neither should you! Every day is a new start in Jesus!

All of us have addictions of some kind. Whether it is to a substance, a behavior that brings us pleasure, or a feeling that we chase after – we are all addicts. In this video, Pastor Bob discusses how freedom is found!

Life can throw us a curve ball at times. Things don’t always go like we want. What do we do when pain and suffering come? When life hurts so much, it’s almost unbearable?

Times of doubting and questioning are common for all Christians. Are these doubts okay? Should we try to just stuff them down, ignore them, and pretend they don’t exist? Pastor Bob discusses this common struggle!

What should we do when we suffer great loss? Maybe you have literally lost everything! Your world is turned upside down and everything you considered normal is now gone. Now what?

Does God know when we suffer? Does He know when our hearts are hurting? If He does, what is His reaction? Pastor Bob discusses how God weeps with those who weep and rejoices with those who rejoice.

The secret to happiness may not be what you’d expect! We tend to focus on ourselves, don’t we. If we got everything we wanted, would that really make us happy? As usual, God’s ways are always much better than ours.

Humility is so important to God! The Bible says that God gives mercy to the humble, but resists the prideful. What does it mean to be humble? This video answers the question.

All of us have times where we seem like God has become silent. We feel like we’ve lost our connection to Him. Where did He go? Why is He not talking to us? Is this really what is going on?

Yes, indeed. There is something more important than reading the Bible. Without this “thing” in our life, everything will be out-of-whack. Even God’s word will be misunderstood and misapplied.

So often, we are afflicted by jealousy. We see other people’s talents, gifts, ministries, and blessings and ask “Why can’t I?” It is time to re-frame our mindset by asking the right question! God has different plans for us all!

Regrets can be a poison to our relationship with Jesus and our viewpoint of ourselves. It’s time to let them go. All past mistakes have been dealt with at the cross of Jesus. God brings restoration and healing!

What if you doubt your salvation? Should you hide your doubts deep inside? Should you pretend everything is okay? No! God tells you to seek, knock, and ask. When you do, you will find the answer you seek.

Pastor Bob poses a challenging question. How you answer will reveal the faith in your heart about God, and what you believe He is able to do in your life. Are you up for the challenge? Watch the video!