What does God think about when He thinks about you? Do you fear He is angry or disappointed with you? How does God handle our failures? In this video we discuss the nature of God’s unconditional love.

We sin every day. Even as followers of Jesus, we sin. The question is, what does God think about us when we sin? Is He angry? Disappointed? The answer may surprise you! The Bible says there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.

What is your identity in God’s eyes? Identities are important to people. Some identities bring self-confidence, and others bring shame. In this video, we discuss whether our identity before God is good or bad. Does it bring us comfort or shame?

I think it’s common for people who know Jesus to just think of themselves as “sinners saved by grace”. Thankfully, this is not where God stops. He have given us a place is His family that is incredible! If you know Jesus, you are God’s precious child. He is your Father.

You may find it easy to believe that God loves the world, but do you believe He loves you? He does. You are the focus of His intense expression of love. He wants you. He would have come for only you. He would have died for only you. You can trust in His love.

The prodigal son walked away from his father, wasted his father’s gift to him, and ended up in a desperate place. When he went back to his father for help, how did his father respond? As we study this story, we learn how God responds to us because we are the prodigal son.

It is common for God’s children to fear that God is angry with them, no longer loves them, or has withdrawn His forgiveness. This is a 3-part video, and in this first video, we discuss the importance of faith. Fear has a remedy, and it is deliberate faith.

God has not left us alone to deal with doubt, but has given us the Holy Spirit to provide comfort and reassure us that we are the children of God. However, we can hinder this vital source of help by willfully, stubbornly persisting in sin. This video discusses the solution.

The battle of doubt & fear is won or lost in your mind. The bible tells us to renew our mind so we will think in a brand new way – a way that lines up with God’s truth, but how do we do this? And how do we fight our spiritual enemy (the devil)?

How would God have us treat others? Exactly as He treats us – with a huge dose of genuine love and forgiveness! This applies to all people – not just your friends and family. Even people you believe are doing wrong, treat them as God treats you.