Please click on the icon titled “Tulsa Help Guide” for an extensive list of organizations that offer help to all people in the Tulsa area – help for things like housing, food, clothing, drug addiction, health services, etc. This list is a PDF document that is 10MB in size. It may take a minute or two to download, so be patient. If you can access a printer, it may be helpful to make a printout.

You can also go to the website 2-1-1 Oklahoma and search for the specific help you need in the Tulsa area.

Drug and alcohol addictions enslave so many people, but there is hope! There is help available in Tulsa, even if you are homeless and have no money to pay for treatment. See this list to the right. If you want freedom, contact these organizations and get yourself plugged in. There are even more organizations listed in the Tulsa Help Guide, above.

Addiction is hard to beat. Many people try to quit and then relapse. If this is you, DON’T GIVE UP! Our sin is big, but the forgiveness of Jesus is bigger. He will never give up on you. NEVER! His love for you is so big, it cannot be measured. Seek God’s help and contact these organizations and let them help you. It is their passion.

Don’t try to do this alone.

Crisis Support – 24 Hours a Day

The Restoring Lives Program

Hope Is Alive!

Salvation Army Adult Rehab Center

Lifegate Freedom Recovery

Narcotics Anonymous – find a meeting near you

Alcoholics Anonymous – find a meeting near you

Celebrate Recovery – find a meeting near you